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About Jennifer Hernandez

During a very challenging childhood, Jennifer learned to self-regulate through creativity & movement.

She immersed herself in art from a very young age and then after graduating high school she went on to receive her
BFA at Tyler School of Art.

When JEN began teaching YOGA SEVERAL YEARS AGO, she realized that IT offered her a freedom of self expression very much the way that painting did. She understood that yoga could be a very powerful tool for collective healing and she fell even more in love with it.

After completing her Yoga Teacher Training, Jennifer's fitness career evolved and she began diving into the science of strength training. she completed her NASM certification & PPSC training. & began pairing breath work, meditation and yoga like movements with  traditional strength training. She felt that the mindset and feeling that yoga embodied should be a part of strength training in order to create a new experience. 

Jennifer co-launched Mind Over Matter Fitness Boutique in 2018, and then converted it to an online and in-studio experience in order to survive the pandemic.  The studio consisted of yoga, sculpt & barre style classes.

After 4 years of operating Mind Over Matter, and as Jennifer's knowledge and experience expanded, she realized the need for a more expansive and holistic approach to exercise within the boutique fitness world. After months of thought, she made the difficult decision to close Mind Over Matter and to finally bring her vision of Aura to life. 

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